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Can Your App Do this?
Custom App Development

We have recently expanded our capabilities to include custom Apple iPhone/iPad/Android app and hardware development. Click here to see what we already have in the store! Click here to send us an email with your idea (NOTE: all ideas are kept strictly confidential.) See below for other important links:

Next month we'll be featuring a video on yet another viable C328 replcement - the Y201-TTL & Y201-RS232 mini-cam, now in stock!

USB6M+PIR is here!
(New Voice Recorder)

You asked for it - and you now you get it! This video demos our USB6M+PIR and software, our newest custom designed 300 second 5-segment USB voice/sound recorder with light sensor and optional PIR. The group function is also addressed in this video for the PM66 writer program - for unltimate functionality & versatility. Voice recorder used in video demo: USB6M+PIR

Other Voice recorders / sound modules:
Learning Series: Relays
How a common relay works:

This month we are continuing our education series by explaining how a basic relay works. Click the above video to see for yourself!

With these kits, you can experiment, build, and test to your heart's content...

Other Important Links (& Downloads):

You might also consider: SMS100 kit (includes one of each sound module: USB5M, USB2M, CT94R, BD43, BR9, BRM06N)
Article of the Month
Forestbucker has arrived!

This amazing technology allows loggers to get up to 20% more yield from their forests! It's a portable, on-site, full-tree stem scanner for use in the logging industry to determine optimum log sizes in tree stems after they are delimbed prior to bucking. What is unique about this machine is that optimum log length can be better determined at the logging site rather than at the saw mill. And with an entire stem scan, log length is much more efficient than with traditional  processing heads which only scan a small segment of the stem. If you have a curved stem in particular (and what trees aren't curved at least a little?) this machine will do the best job! Read more....

You can see all our recently added new products here:

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*Excludes C328R cameras & closeout items
+Code expires 9/30/2012
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