Electronics123.com, Inc. August 2011 Video Newsletter

New Micro Camera Module: MuC30x-Series
With a 1.8mm sensor and lenses as small as 2.6mm OD,  there's a new phenominally small micro-camera on our shelves. Available in three versions with four optional back-ends, including USB & TV out or with TFT or TV recordable, these units come with a 1m cable and are excellent candidates for that new medical or other micro-imaging solution. Click here for a video demonstration. Click here for a list of of all available versions. See below for other links:
Next month we'll be featuring a video on yet another viable C328 replcement - the Y201-TTL & Y201-RS232 mini-cam, now in stock!
Learn How to Use a Multimeter!
Learn How to use a multimeter! This video is for all of you who would like to learn the basic uses of a multimeter. Even if you just want to brush up on your multi-meter skills, be sure to check out the video.

Multimeter used in video demo: DVM860BL
Other Multimeters:

You might also consider: Soldering Starter Kit (K/STARTULF)

Learning Series: ARDUINO
ARDUINO SERIES: CIRC01 (project 1)
This month we are starting our educational video series using the Inventor’s Kit for Arduino. You can get the Inventor’s kit here:

With this kit, you can follow along each month in our newsletter as we proceed through the 14 basic projects that are in the manual that comes with the kit. Here is last month's video introduction.

Other Important Links (& Downloads):
Article of the Month
Building a Code Door Lock with ARDUINO
Doorlock shield circuit
While renovating at headquarters, we discussed the purchase of some new combination door locks. You know - the ones with the keypad and 4-digit PIN that unlocks the door? After some debate, we decided to come up with a plan to build the locks, rather than buy the expensive pre-manufactured ones. Here's how we did it: Read more....

Parts Used (click for links):

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